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If you are on this page, then you are almost certainly thinking about how to promote your Facebook page faster and better. Let’s venture to assume that you have already acquired likes and followers — and now you are thinking about friends.

It’s not surprising, because this indicator shows how much your content is really interesting to people (if you run a business page or some other branded page), and how many people want to see your posts in the feed as often as possible.

Pages with a lot of friends are usually easier to collect comments and thumbs up; we assume that this is exactly your goal.

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Now, can you purchase fellows cheap and also make sure that all of those are real? Your dreams can come true, but for that you’d need to find an agency that doesn’t sell fakes; and unfortunately, for FB this is a normal thing that’s spread very widely.

Sure, it’s way harder to find people who’d want to cooperate to deliver other people promo options, but it is possible: decent promo companies have worked their way through it and created a wholesome system of rewards and coupons and special opportunities for people who help them do their work.

This is the type of company that you should look for and this is the type of paid promo services that can really make the situation better for your page in a very short period of time. 

How to buy Facebook friends

You don’t need a special instruction for that: basically, you go on any website that sells mates and that you find reliable enough, and you decide how many more friends you want to see on your page.

There will be different packages and various subscriptions: ones will offer you taking on mates weekly and ones will offer doing it monthly; there will also be packages that can be delivered once and that is it.

You should choose whichever you find more convenient in your particular case and pick the number of mates that’s going to be delivered to your FB page once in a certain period of time.

We highly recommend that you use the subscription system, as it allows you to pretend that your profile develops naturally — the growth of number of chums will be quite even and steady and this will not cause anyone a shadow of doubt about whether you bought any services or not.

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The idea to buy Facebook friends should be used mainly by people who already have their page kind of promoted and developed. In all other cases this isn’t going to be efficient — we’d say that the first aid for the profile that has no activity on it would be a pack of likes and followers combined.

All the other options such as friends, video views, etc should come afterwards, when there is a certain base built already. But if you’re one of the smartest, you can pack yourself with different types of promo options from the very start and save yourself some time on it in the future.

It will work as greatly, as it would work if you’d buy them a little bit later. 


How much does it cost to buy Facebook friends?

It completely depends. In the first place, what type of company you’re going to cooperate with —if they’re selling real friends for Facebook, it’s going to be a little bit more expensive than if you’d decide to purchase fake ones. Plus, it’s going to vary depending on the number of fellows that you want to acquire.

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