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Can’t make comments on Facebook

Unfortunately, Facebook, just like any other social media, is not perfect. Sometimes you’re logging in and you’re trying to communicate with people and you see that you can’t make comments there — what might be the reason, it doesn’t seem like you’ve done anything wrong?

Well, if you are looking for a specific cause of the problem, sadly, you will almost certainly not be able to find it. The only valid explanation that is available online is that the cache is overflowing and it needs to be cleaned so that everything works normally again.

One way or another, people sometimes even look for special scripts and complex solutions to a problem that has one reason — the imperfection of the social network system. 

If you really need to see or make a comment, and you are using the app on your phone, try switching to the computer version (web version). Quite often, the problem with comments is related to this, and this little life hack helps many people to improve the situation.

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Another reason why your commentary may not be published and you will not be able to leave it under some post may be that you have violated the rules of the Facebook community. If you suspect that you are writing a quite controversial commentary, you’d better re-read the rules again and correct your text in accordance with them.

Do not insult people, do not encourage them to violence and do not mention objects and actions prohibited on Facebook. This way you can be sure that your words will be published and not blocked later, or people will not leave a complaint about them.

Why can’t I make comments on Facebook?

Why can’t you make any comments to posts on the other person’s page? As we have already said, this is almost certainly due to problems with the device’s memory or an app’s update, or some other technical reason.

There is no special reason why you would not be able to write a comment on Facebook (only if you are not on the page of the person who blocked you). Therefore, try restarting the app, resetting the settings and even restarting your phone or PC. As a rule, this helps.

Couldn't post comments - Vip FB

If you are concerned about the problem with comments due to the fact that you are just now trying to communicate with your audience and promote the page, something else may come to your aid.

If you see that you do not have enough “weight” and your page does not look too impressive for other users, you can buy Facebook comments and other options to improve the overall appearance of your page and make people believe that your page is naturally successful and deserves attention and subscriptions. 

Try to still purchase options according to the size of your page and do not try to grab too big a piece of the pie. Of course, if your page already has several thousand subscribers, you can afford large promo packages.

But if you have just started your journey online, be more modest and buy promo options in small quantities to make your promotion as natural as possible and not arouse suspicion among both Facebook users and the technical team.

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