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Embed Facebook events

So websites are quite different and if you’re willing to embed Facebook events into them, you need to be familiar with WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly or any other platform and also be familiar with HTML. Can you embed Facebook events feed into your website if you have no idea how all of this works?

Probably not; we know that reddit and other lookalike platforms give tutorials on how you can do it, but the experience shows that novices can hardly go through the first several steps of them, as everything crashes and is not working how it should.

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At the same time, the systems of these types of sites are similar — but the maximum number of tutorials on how to do all this can be found about WordPress.

In any case, Facebook has official tools for embedding a calendar or other part of a page on the site and you do not need to search for hacked files and documents and be afraid that they will bring some kind of virus to your device.

At least we are lucky here. But we would still advise you to seek help from a professional or a friend who understands a thing or two about programming or at least has already installed such a plugin on their own site.

This will save you a lot of nerves and time. If you still want to try it yourself, in the next paragraph you will find an approximate instruction on how to embed the code in WordPress.

Embed Facebook events on website

Some people really prefer using Facebook calendar to keep track of the upcoming events that relate to their brand’s page that they try to promote.

We agree, FB’s sked is a pretty convenient thing to put on the website that you’re using to sell and promote your products and services, but to answer the question of “how to embed the calendar?” you’ll have to know a special code. 

It can be generated using the Facebook Page Plugin Widget, this is an official Facebook plugin that helps with embedding the calendar or any other feature of the page into the website. It actually works through WordPress, and first you need to generate the code itself and paste it into the WordPress system after.

If you have experience managing things like that, it is going to be quite easy. So first you need to use the Facebook Page Plugin Code Generator Tool, where you will be able to set all the parameters to transfer the calendar to your website later.

After that, you need to generate the Facebook event code by pressing the button Get code. And then you need to insert the code that you’ve got into your website’s system.

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If you decide to build a schedule from FB on your website, we still strongly recommend that you use the help of specialists. This is necessary not only for the embedding itself, but also in order to understand if it is generally advisable in your particular case.

Often sites do not work perfectly, they do not attract as many people as the owner of the resource would like. And in this case, the assistance of analysts helps a lot, they help to identify the main errors and problems and work on them.

If you are currently struggling with making your site more attractive to customers, use this advice and you will understand that this should have been done much earlier.

Analytics will help both the structure of the site, and the texts on it, and the media component — if all this is combined with a good content of the site and adequate work with clients who come to it, you will achieve significant improvements in a very short time.

If you decide to embed a calendar in the site in order to get more applications for participation in a particular event, you can also connect paid promotion to the process: that is, buy Facebook events requests, so as not to wait long for the fees of natural participants of the event.

The wisest decision would be to use not only a website to spread a word about your happening, but also to repost information about it on other social media. This will help greatly with speeding up the process and attracting a lot more interested people to the project than if you posted only on FB.


Can I embed Facebook events into Google calendar?

Yes, you totally can. For that you need to export Facebook calendar into the Google calendar by first either copying a link to it or creating a file, and pressing on the “add” button in your Google sked. After you do it, events from FB will be uploaded to your Google schedule.

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