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Facebook auto followers

Everyone who has ever wanted to promote their Facebook page has looked for opportunities to gain auto followers: people are looking for a trick, an apk, a hack or a script that would provide them with high quality services (preferably, for free) and wouldn’t harm their account’s statistics.

Each FB user wants to know how to get auto followers not violating the rules of the app: they want no spam on their pages as they know that it can actually lead to their account being banned, but nobody wants to find some info and realize that this isn’t quite possible.

Nothing new here: there is no official way to get 1000 or 10000 or 1 million subs without looking for a workaround that would be safe and efficient yet hard all at the same time.

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Surely, online you will be able to find not one bot that would offer you what you’re looking for, but the truth is: you can’t use bots safely for your page, as to have a secure and efficient promotion you need to work with a company that cooperates with real people who are willing to become somebody’s subscribers for a nice reward.

Any other way won’t bring you benefits and will only make your page more “dead” in the eyes of the FB algorithms.

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But what to do in this case? There are a lot of people who are not ready to wait long until their profile can independently gain a sufficient number of subscribers. They need help from the outside: but where to turn if bots are harmful, and most sites sell them?

Do not despair: there are companies that care, and who can really stand up and answer for the quality of their services while giving their clients a chance to buy Facebook followers. Look up the reviews of previous customers and try to purchase subscriptions to the services.

Look for options that will offer you a regular supply of subs (or likes, or comments, or reposts, and preferably in balanced quantities at once) and will not require you to make constant purchases and waste time on recalculations and processing orders.


How to remove auto followers on Facebook?

You need to analyze your subscribers list first and see if the page looks fake (check the last activity time as well, it helps). Then you will be able to get rid of the fakes by hand, deleting them from your subscribers list. This is a very needed thing to do, if you care about statistics and about decent promotion of your page.

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