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Facebook comments not showing

Sometimes we come on Facebook and don’t quite understand what is happening — comments from one person or on other people’s pages are not showing, we’re trying to reload the page and restart our Chrome browser or an app that we’re using and it still brings no results: the commentaries just don’t show up. What is the matter?

Facebook comments not loading - Vip FB

First of all, FB has a glitchy app and a less glitchier website — if you can see the number of the commentaries under the photo, but when you’re opening it up you can see nothing, you need to switch to the desktop version. Usually it works great and all of the commentaries are once again available to you. 

Second, if you are not seeing live, group or business (public) page commentaries, there might be only two valid reasons for it. a) You need to clean the cache and restart the app b) These commentaries have violated the community guidelines or people have flagged them and now they are not available anymore.

Basically, there are no more reasons that we can give you; if both of these are not true to you, you can try contacting the technical support group, but the smartest thing to do would be reinstalling the app and trying to upload everything from scratch.

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To figure out what exactly is happening you can also ask your friends for help — they can view a page or a post that you’re having troubles with and share their experience. If they can see the commentaries or GIFs or anything else and you cannot, it is probably all in your device. 

Facebook app not showing comments 

This is a pretty popular problem that many people already know about. Somehow, sometimes a mobile app (let it be on Android or on iPhone) shows only how many commentaries you’ve been able to gather, but when you’re tapping on the comments section, it shows nothing.

All the commentaries are gone somewhere and people feel pretty confused — where did they go? This is a glitch that Facebook hasn’t yet liquidated, and so we have to learn how to deal with it ourselves. 

The easiest trick would be switching to the web-version (desktop version) of Facebook. After that, commentaries are visible and the section works in proper way. We don’t know why this is happening, but solving this problem seems to be pretty easy for everybody. 

Why is Facebook not showing comments

So, there is no universal answer to the question “why are my comments not visible in Facebook?” — there might be several different reasons for it.

Top comments that you’ve written might disappear as you log out, commentaries in general can disappear if you’re using the app version and it suddenly glitches, plus, you might be having some difficulties with the cache that might be filled way too much.

However, we’ve already given you the workarounds for all of these situations. But what if you cannot see the commentaries, because… you have just started to promote your profile or page and you haven’t yet gathered many?

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There is a decision for a situation like this as well: today, thanks to quick and tangible progress of this sphere, you can buy Facebook comments and be sure that you’re going to get the greatest results pretty quickly, without having to wait for naturally gaining enough of them.

The purchase of paid services is a very responsible step, and it should not be done rashly. Nevertheless, if you have planned everything in advance, understood how many comments you need and for what purposes you are doing it, success is guaranteed for you.

Also, do not forget that the purchase of comments should be carried out only on resources worthy of your trust — check whether this company uses bots (if so, buy elsewhere).

You need exceptionally adequate and well-written comments if you want to make other people really believe that your page is worth subscribing to and their attention.

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