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Facebook comments won’t load

Sometimes you just cannot see all the commentaries on FB anymore and you might get bothered about it: what’s happening and how do I fix my comments section?

Why refreshing the app doesn’t help? You might think that the problem lies in some sort of plugin, or your browser (Google Chrome, FireFox) or mobile (iPhone or Android) are having problems with FB’s technical algorithms.

While in real time it’s easier: most of the time such bugs are happening due to the fact that the Facebook app or web page are not loading decently because of various reasons. We’re going to tell you about the main and the easiest way to fix them further:

If the comments don’t load, first check your wifi or mobile internet connection. Often enough invalid connections lie in the reasons for tons of online problems. If it doesn’t help, proceed to the next step: clear the cache.

This step is a little bit different for various browsers and for mobile phones, but we are sure that you know how to do it and have done it previously.

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If none of that helped and comments on Facebook still won’t load, proceed to updating your FB app version. It also happens that people ignore all the notifications they get from the mobile phone’s system and end up having the old versions of the apps installed on their devices.

That’s no good for anyone: to work evenly the app has to be always up to date. Check that; if everything is okay, move to the next possible solution. 

If you still can’t load your group or business page commentaries, try to force quit and restart the app, maybe even restart the phone. It sounds like not a big deal and not the best decision, yet many problems with online apps somehow can be solved that way without putting too much effort into figuring out what exactly has happened.

It will help if the comments are loading, but very slow: restart the app and the phone and the problem will pretty possibly get fixed.

Facebook comments not loading - Vip FB

It also might happen so that you cannot see yours and other commentaries due to censorship: you might have a certain country’s restriction enabled in your profile. To fix that go to settings and find the tab country restrictions.

There you should remove all the x’s that put nearby certain countries. It might help you fix the problem no matter what’s bothering you, commentaries on Facebook memories included. 

If in addition to that you want to gain more commentaries on FB, you should think about the possibility to buy Facebook comments.

Make sure that you’re purchasing high quality services and that the people who’re writing the commentaries are all real. Choose reliable professionals to work with and you won’t have to wait for tangible results coming through. 


Why won’t comments load on Facebook memories? 

It’s bound to the matter of FB memories not loading. You can use the same ways to solve the problem that we have described in the article itself. Mostly it consists of restarting the FB app and the mobile device, or clearing the cache.

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