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Facebook events search

Facebook events tab is a great tool that can help you search for the happenings by location or by category, basically, according to your interests, which FB’s algorithm learns about pretty quickly.

Yes, it can inspire a terrible fear and a sense of surveillance, but sometimes we are really grateful to the algorithm — for example, when it throws us an interesting lecture or a party that we would willingly go to if our friends told us about it.

FB helps to organize your time in a fun and useful way, to interact with people, and in this article we will tell you how things are today with the search for life events using filters on Facebook.

How to search events on Facebook

But there is some bad news: the pandemic regime has ruined the fun for us, and it actually hasn’t changed much since then. Now FB happenings tab allows searching for nearby events by date only in a span of a current week.

You cannot look up the events that take place today or tomorrow, this option has been somehow taken away, as well as searching for public happenings by area. Well, we get it, the restrictions are still strong, but this is a quite weird thing to do for a social media that builds its base upon communication and interaction between people.

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There is also a very frequent question that we get from parents and families: how to find kids friendly happenings on FB? The easiest way is to find groups that tell about family and children’s events.

Unfortunately, there is no such filter in the FB search itself today, just as there is no filter that allows you to find animal friendly events. In fact, various interest groups on FB can be a storehouse of cool information about what happenings are coming in this area and where you can easily find like-minded people.

If you are interested in promoting your event on this platform effectively, you can buy Facebook events requests that will help you gather enough people as a background and create a feeling that this happening is really worth visiting and paying attention to.

Yes, fake it til you make it, but it works just fine: especially if you add paid subscribers, friends and likes to paid happenings requests. In this case, your page turns into a fully promoted product that is quite capable of attracting people’s attention on its own.

Of course, you should add high quality content and regular interaction with the audience to it — otherwise there will be no sense from the purchased options.


Is there a way to search Facebook events with a filter?

Yes, you can use the custom conversions to kind of tell Facebook which types of happenings you’re interested in. To add a custom conversion, go to events manager and then custom conversions. You can add a description, data source and an example of an event.

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