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Facebook followers hack

As long as you’re trying to promote your FB account, you’re going to think about finding a hack for Facebook followers. You can search for a list of people who would follow you back (there are even some resources that claim that they have a list of famous accounts that would follow you back without a doubt).

You can try to find an app that would add auto subs to your page, you might want to get new followers online in any way possible, but the truth is — there are only two ways of attaining more and more subs over time. In this article you’re going to learn how to gain more subs, no matter what device you’re using: Android, your PC or an iPhone

How to hack followers on Facebook

So, how do you hack Facebook to increase your amount of real subs? More followers is what we all want, right?

That’s why you should be aware of two facts: one: if you’re seeing an app or a certain software that promises you real subs automatically and in huge portions — this is a lie; two — the only way to attain real subs for your page is to a) buy them b) gain them naturally. How come?

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There are tons of fakes on Facebook. There are bots, sold pages, fake pages, inactive pages and lots of other trash that’s just making promotion harder, not easier. If you’re interested in results and in positive influence on your page’s statistics, you should run as fast as you can as soon as you see an app or a program that claims to deliver real followers.

It just doesn’t: all of them operate by bots and fake pages that are basically empty and can do nothing except for being in your subs list. These won’t share your posts, won’t leave you likes and won’t bring other people to your profile just because they’re subscribed to you.

No, it won’t happen: it is only possible if you would decide to buy Facebook followers that are real and that are actual people who are keen on helping with somebody’s promotion. Is that possible? 

Yes, it is. You should find a promo agency that’s able to “hire” real FB users for help. How is this even possible? Usually, it implies some kind of system of values that will be offered to FB users in exchange for help: after all, this is the only way to attract real people to the development of other people’s pages, no one will do it voluntarily.

Therefore, when you see a program or an app that promises you subscribers for almost free — wait for a trick, most likely, you will be offered bots. Real subscribers who will promote your page even after you receive them will cost money.

Fortunately, good promo companies today have free samples and constantly conduct some promotions, so you will have a chance to purchase the desired option and not go broke at the same time.

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Do not forget that promotion is mostly possible only thanks to your interaction with the audience, taking into account their wishes and preferences and, of course, answering all their questions both in comments and in personal messages. If people do not see feedback, they are unlikely to stay with you for a long time.


How to hack competitors followers on Facebook?

You can either independently analyze the subscribers of your competitors to understand which of them you can subscribe to and expect a return subscription, or you can buy analytics from a service or a company that promotes pages in social networks.

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