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Facebook friends limit

Facebook friends are the category that shows most support to any user’s content: these people see what you’re posting, leave likes and comments, take part in FB events and so much more. Moreover, FB mates are people who you try to support as well: in other words, this is a circle of people who are closer to you than your followers.

But, unfortunately, you cannot make each follower that you have your mate, as FB has limitations to it: right now Facebook’s maximum friends limit is around 5,000.

For some time FB employees were trying to make that limit a bit bigger, but it showed that the system might have problems with sustaining such an amount of mates bounds to one page. That’s why you don’t have to limit my friends’ list on Facebook by hand — the system will do everything for you in any case. 

Facebook friends limit increased

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How can you increase the friends limit up to 5,000 on Facebook? Well, luckily for you, FB has already done it: since the beginning of 2021 the limit of confirmed mates is around 5,000, while you can also have up to 1,000 requests sent to your account.

There is no way to increase your Facebook friends limit actually — the system holds a pretty strict limitation which helps it to function evenly and without any serious bugs. But if you really need to gather more than 5,000 confirmed fellows on FB you can actually convert your personal profile page into a fan page and then you’ll be able to go past that limit. 

What is the limit of friends on Facebook? 

What is the maximum limit of friends on Facebook? As we have mentioned previously, you’re able to gather around 5,000 friends for a personal profile page, and up to 1,000 requests that can stay in the queue on your page.

You can have that limit increased if you turn your page into a fan page, then the number of friends you have on FB will be more than 5,000. FB employees understand that there might be more members of the community than only 5,000, which is why there is such a possibility for Facebook fan pages.

The number of invites becomes a little bit bigger than well, but there is no clear information on that matter, unfortunately. 

How to limit what friends see on Facebook? 

If you want to know how to limit what certain friends see on your Facebook page, you can actually add your friends to a restricted list, which will make them unable to see parts or the whole content that you’re posting in your account.

It doesn’t matter if you want to do it from your iPhone, Android, or web version, all you have to do is go to this person’s profile, click on the “friends” button and choose “add to another list”. After that, you will be able to choose the restriction list and regulate the availability of your content from there.

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Or you can decide which posts and likes friends see on Facebook from the timeline — click the “about” button in your timeline, then “edit” and then “relationships and family”. Then you’ll get the drop-down menu where you will be able to choose who will see the content you post from now on: public, friends, only me, and custom. 

How to limit friends on Facebook? 

Fortunately, Facebook has already set the limit for you — if you run a personal profile, you can have up to 5,000 friends on your list. It doesn’t matter if you manage your account from the app or from the web version, there will be a chance for you to have only that number of friends.

If you’re willing to set a limit to your FB timeline on how many posts you will be seen coming from your friends, you can actually restrict that certain person or several people. If you want to know how to do that, look into the previous paragraph of this article.

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If you’re thinking about promoting your account on Facebook, we would highly recommend you to buy Facebook friends as that will create your profile a reputation of an already successful page that seems to be appealing to many.

Don’t forget that you should also put enough effort into posting quality content and staying in touch with your audience: quality promotion doesn’t consist of buying services only. 


Why there is a limit of 5000 friends on Facebook?

FB employees have been experimenting with the limit of mates that a personal page can have to figure out which number seems okay for a page to function without major bugs. They were thinking about increasing the limit a little bit, but their experience showed that 5,000 is the most optimal number to stop by. 

What to do once you hit Facebook friends limit?

If you hit your mates limit while managing a personal page and you don’t have anything against converting your profile into a fan page (for example, you’re running a small brand or a blogger’s page), you can do so to expand your limit beyond the number of 5,000 mates. 

What is the limit on Facebook friends invites to events?

There is no difference to whom you’re inviting to an event, your mates, simple followers, or people with who you don’t have any bonds over Facebook — there is a limitation of around 500 invites that you can send.

But if you will be sending so many invites over a long period of time and people won’t accept them, FB will limit you to an even fewer amount of invites that you will be able to send. Be careful with that and think it through before sending any invites at all.

What happens when you reach the limit amount of friends on Facebook?

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You’re no longer able to accept any mates’ requests that you’re getting. To add someone new you’d have to remove someone who’s not wanted as your FB mate anymore.

Actually, you should think about purging your mate’s list from time to time as that will help you to better your statistics by getting rid of “dead” and inactive accounts. 

Is there a way to limit what certain friends can see on Facebook?

To limit a certain mate’s access to your page you should go to their profile page, click on the “friends” button right under their profile photo and choose “add to another list”. Then you’ll be able to add that person to the restriction list that will protect your information and your content from that person. 

How to remove the Facebook 5000 friends limit?

If you’re running a personal page on Facebook, there is a little hack that you can use. To expand your borders you should simply turn your personal profile into a fan page: fan pages can gather more than 5,000 mates without any problems.

So, if you’re the owner of a personal profile that’s dedicated to a small brand, business, or blogging, you should definitely think about converting your profile into a fan or business page. 

How to limit who views your Facebook friends?

You should go to “settings” and “privacy”, there you will be able to choose who can see your mates list: everyone, mates, only me or custom. Custom means creating the whole list of people who will be able or who won’t be able to see the list. 

How to limit specific people on your friends list on Facebook?

You should go to their profile page and press the “friends” button that you will see right under their main picture and info. After that you should choose a “restriction list” and from there you will be able to control what content will be available to this person and which will not.

Plus you can regulate the availability of your content to other people from “settings”, “privacy”. There you will be able to choose who will be able to see your future posts and other stuff. 

How to limit add friends on Facebook?

You don’t need to limit the number of requests that you get on Facebook, the system already does it for you: you can have only up to 1,000 mate requests sent to your profile. They will stay in queue until you decide whom you want to be friends with. 

How to fix Facebook limit on friends?

If you need more mates on FB, you can actually turn your profile into a fan page. FB tech support actually encourages people into doing so, as it helps with maintaining a bigger amount of friends bounds to a single page without any problems. 

Does Facebook limit the number of friends who see your posts?

No, every mate of yours will be able to see what you’re posting on FB unless you restrict them or somehow change the settings. 

Does Facebook limit how many friends I can add in a day?

No, there is no such limitation on FB. You can freely add as many as you need per day. There will be up to 1,000 requests staying in the queue of your profile — this is the only limit in FB system. And you can have only up to 5,000 confirmed mates if you are running a personal account on this social media website. 

Does the Facebook algorithm limit me to seeing 25 friends’ posts?

Apparently, there is a new joke that FB actually limits people to see up to 25-26 friends’ posts in the feed, and the other ones are somehow getting ignored. This is a myth: there is no such limitation on FB, and if you scroll further in your feed, you will be able to see all the posts that your mates created over the last days or so. 

Can I create a limit to my friends on Facebook?

No, you cannot do it. FB already has a limitation for having only up to 5,000 mates if you have a personal profile. In any case, why would you want to do so? You can easily remove people from this list, decline people’s requests or restrict them if there is such need.

Although it’s better for you to have as many mates as possible — these are the people who statistically are way more active when it comes to valuing and viewing new content on this social media website.

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