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Facebook friends ranking

First let’s figure out what even the FB ranking of friends is and how the algorithm works to bring up certain people and make others go lower in the rating? There are clearly rankings in games on FB, but today we’re going to talk about something social media promotion oriented.

Basically, there is an inner score (that you clearly cannot discover yourself as you are not the technician of Facebook, so you’d have to simply trust our words) that helps to create the list of friends sorted by the amount of activity that they show for your page.

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The more they visit your page, the more you hang out with each other in chat, the more thumbs up and comments they have left you — the higher they are going to be in that rating. How do you find out who’s higher and who’s lower?

Check out your friends’ section: the people whom you see first clearly show more activity to your profile’s content than the other ones. Facebook created a pretty convenient system that helps to realize who are your “true” mutual friends and whose accounts might be dead and inactive.

Though we’d have to notice that sometimes this system doesn’t work evenly and that’s when you might find helpful codes and certain extensions that help to analyze the situation and see whom you need to delete from your friends count and who should stay with you. 

There are apps, scripts and codes (you can find them on GitHub and other lookalike platforms that share the solutions for people who want to manage their social media pages in a more advanced way) and extensions for browsers: we’d recommend you using the latest as this is the most convenient and easy way to see clear statistics and analytics of your Facebook page.

Search for “friend ranking” in Google Extensions Shop or for something alike on other platforms that have apps and extensions.

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However, the ranking of friends is not the most important thing that you should use to better your online statistics: the more important thing is how many of those friends are active and how many are inactive; this is exactly what your statistics depend on.

If you need to change the ratio a little bit, you can always turn to paid services and buy Facebook friends to make your page look valid and appealing to others.

Don’t hesitate to take on this help — just make sure that you’re working with a decent promo agency that’s able to provide quality services and change the statistics of your profile for the best. 


How do I change the ranking of friends on Facebook? 

Well, you are not actually able to change the ranking of your friends on FB as it doesn’t depend on you. All the changes happen due to your fellows activity on your page: how many thumbs up and comments they are leaving, how much time you spend chatting etc.

You can only cut the number of your friends a little bit if you see that some of them are inactive and that’s how you will be able to change the rating a little bit. After that the most active friends of yours will be brought up and the least active will be seen at the end of the list.

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