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Facebook hide comments

Fortunately, today you can hide comments on Facebook — we’ve been waiting for it a long time, and now the feature is here. You can conceal the ones that tagged you (if these are on your page or your profile), you can tuck them away from your timeline and generally navigate the online space of yours however you find convenient and safe. 

How to hide comments on Facebook

You can easily conceal a recent FB commentary from friends, let it be a note under profile pictures, under posts or under edited photos that someone has found not so pretty and has said something bad to you.

If everything is happening on your page, you can easily manage it by hiding, deleting or reporting the note (the last option is available on any page on FB). How do you do it? “My page is filled with negativity, what do I do?”

Hide Facebook comment - Vip FB

Find the notes that make you angry and disappointed. Long press on them and choose “conceal” out of the list of features that you’re going to get. Voila, now nobody in Facebook will be able to see them. If you’d make a decision to undo your action, you can choose “unhide” and the commentary will be back into its place. 

If you’re bothering about the comments on Facebook live, you can just go into the quiet mode — it is done by pressing on the “more” button next to the empty comment field. After that you won’t be seeing any notes that people will make; this is great to concentrate on the stream itself. 

Why does Facebook hide comments 

Facebook can auto conceal some random commentaries sometimes, that to you might seem very strange. However, FB has its own rules, based on which it can block and hide unwanted texts.

As a rule, these are notes under posts and photos that contain insults, threats or calls for violence, online harassment or mention of prohibited items, phenomena and events. FB treats this quite strictly and can sometimes go too far, but in fact, every year the algorithms work more accurately, so it makes fewer and fewer mistakes.

By the way, if you yourself find some commentaries inappropriate or frightening, you can always put a checkbox on them and report them. Such user participation helps Facebook to better understand what is happening and what texts are worth paying attention to.

Can you hide comments on Facebook

Fortunately, yes, now you can conceal your commentaries from everyone or commentaries from individual certain people from everyone. Some time ago, this was not possible and people had to completely delete posts and notes, which did not always allow them to maintain a good reputation online.

Now you don’t have to enter into a direct confrontation with anyone — if you don’t like a text that a person left, you can always just conceal it and move on with your life.

This is very easy to do: you just need to click on it with a long hold and select the “conceal” option, which you will see in the list of features. The action can be canceled by selecting “unhide” if you change your mind.

Unhide Facebook comment- Vip FB

If your concern is that you, on the contrary, do not have enough comments on the page, you can always buy Facebook comments and forget about your difficulties.

The only thing you really need to do is to make sure that you are cooperating with a decent company, so as not to be deceived and not get strange and ridiculous texts written by bots. In general, the use of bots is a red flag, after seeing which you should run away from the promo company.

And a red flag is too high or too low a price; remember that any service must be adequately paid for and have support from managers.

And we would also like to remind you that you can defend the security of your online space in any way you want. If you feel that simply hiding bothersome texts is not enough, you may well delete them or completely prohibit certain people from visiting your page.

There is nothing wrong with this — you can easily block and report anyone who bothers you and makes you feel unsafe or bad online. You can also very sensitively adjust the list of stop words, so that you definitely do not miss something that may upset you.

This is a very cool feature that is worth spending time on if you understand that your safe and non-toxic online space is important to you.


How to hide comments on news feed for Facebook?

You can conceal only the texts that were left on your page or in your profile. To do it, press on the comment itself and choose “hide” out of the drop down menu that you’re going to get. 

Who can see hide comments on Facebook?

The owner of the profile or the page where the texts were left. 

How to hide comments on Facebook ads?

If this is your ad, you can go to the notes section and find the notes that you find unnecessary. Tap on them and choose the option “hide”. It is simple to do and it will help you with keeping the reputation up, while removing all the words that are not so pretty.  

How to hide comments on Facebook business page?

Go to the notes section, find the one that bothers you. Press on it and choose the option “conceal” that you will see in the drop down list. 

How to hide comments in groups on Facebook?

You can only conceal posts and comments if you’re a member of a closed group. If it is public, there is no way to do so. 

Why can’t I hide comments on Facebook from public?

You cannot hide the texts on other people’s pages or in groups that aren’t yours. However, you should be having no problems to conceal commentaries on your personal or business page whatsoever. If you do, contact the technical support team. 

How to hide comments on Facebook mobile?

Go find the commentary that you want to hide, long press on it and choose “hide” from the list of options that you’ll be given. After you do it, only the person who has created the commentary will still be able to see it. 

How to unhide a hidden comment on Facebook?

To unhide the commentary, tap on it and choose the “unhide” option out of the list that you’ll be given there.

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