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Facebook past events

Some people really love using Facebook calendar with all its events as their regular one — and posting past events is something that’s quite useful if you have forgotten to mark something in your schedule and you really need to form a report about it.

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However, some people are sure that they are not able to do so, yet FB gives this opportunity to everyone who might need it.

How to find past events on Facebook

So, how and where do you find previous happenings on Facebook app? The ability to search for the happenings is quite handy. That’s the first thing you need to know to successfully navigate this section and to be quickly finding the post with the happening itself.

To do it, you need to first go into the happenings section and find the more button that can look a little bit differently on different devices. After you press on it, choose previous happenings to see, which happenings you have already attended.

There you will be able to see all the happenings at once: the ones that you have created, the group ones, in general, all that you’d call “my events” as you have visited them. 

Facebook see past events 

How to look at previous happenings on Facebook? Quite easily actually: if you have a Facebook calendar, it will take literally several clicks to look up the past happenings that you have visited or had scheduled.

“How do I view them, if I hadn’t created the calendar yet? Will I be able to?” If you haven’t made yourself a calendar, but you have visited several Facebook events, you won’t be able to track them using your FB profile. 

But can you see them if you have a calendar? Yes, you can easily track all the events that you have visited. To do so, go into the events section and press on the more button.

There, choose the option previous happenings and there the calendar will give you all the public past happenings that you’ve been to or that you have added to your schedule on FB. Easy as that!

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If you are concerned that you are trying to organize an event on Facebook, and you are sorely lacking requests for it from live participants, you can use a booster: namely, buy Facebook events requests — this will help you create a stir around your event and attract the attention of other people to it.

This is a very useful opportunity that you should definitely take advantage of, especially if you are a novice organizer or if you know in advance that there may be problems with recruiting a sufficient number of people and promoting.

Do not forget that the best results can always be achieved exactly when you combine promo services and wisely approach the promotion. Anyway, if you have any questions, it is always better to ask for help from managers — they will tell you how to act correctly.


How to check past events on Facebook?

Go to the events section, click on the more button. There you will be able to choose the feature “past events” — after that in the results you’ll be able to see all the happenings that you have attended. 

How to keep past Facebook events on my calendar?

You don’t need to do anything special to keep them — Facebook already does it for you. To view them, press on the more button in the events section and then choose past events. You’ll be able to see each happening that you have attended in the past. 

How to delete all past events on Facebook?

Sadly enough, there is no way to do it in bulk and remove all the previous happenings in one go. But you can do it manually though: find the ones that you don’t want to see in your schedule anymore, tap on the edit button and choose to delete life event. Voila, now it’s gone.

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