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How to allow followers on Facebook

If you have just logged on Facebook, and have set certain privacy settings, you might be wondering: “how do I allow followers in Facebook now? I can see the requests coming, but where do I find them and how do I accept them?” Worry not, it is way easier to do than you think! 

While using the mobile app, go to the tab followers and tap on the field requests. This field is only going to be available to you if you have previously made your account private.

If you have a public page, there will be no requests to be your subscriber, as it is going to happen by default after a person would press the button to follow you.

Requests are normally being sent to people if somebody wants to be a friend. So, after you find a field with requests, you can choose whether you want to accept or decline them.

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If you have a page that you want to develop, we would not recommend that you make it closed — there is not always time to understand subscriber requests, and it is much better if they are credited automatically.

But if this is a matter of principle, then there is nothing to worry about, because today you can easily develop any page, even a private one.

For example, if you see that you don’t have enough subs, you can easily buy Facebook followers and improve the reputation of your page and help yourself so that other users are more willing to subscribe to you and send requests.

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The main advice would still be not to close the page and try to stay in touch with your subscribers all the time. Answer their questions, create engaging content and maybe even arrange mini online events, such as streams or prize draws.

If you have a brand or a community, this will be most welcome, and will help you quickly strengthen your position as a blogger who is loved and trusted.


How to allow followers on Facebook business page?

Basically, on a business page you don’t need to allow subscribers — all of them will be accepted automatically after a person taps on the button to become your follower.

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