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How to block comments on Facebook

Many of us from time to time would like to have some more privacy than usual. It can depend on the situation, in the mood and in the type of content that you’re going to post — that’s why you need to know can you block comments on Facebook posts or can you not.

All in all, if you’re an avid user or you’re paying lots of attention to how your business page is doing online, you need to know the answer to the question “how do I block comments on Facebook?”.

It might be also needed for photos privacy or a wall in general, as FB generally gives all the strangers a chance to leave a note on anything they want if the owner of the page hasn’t decided otherwise. 

Texts can have a very big power and if you’re willing to control it you need to make sure that only the right people can leave them, because “my online space” is something that should have a very strict moderation to keep you safe.

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So, how do you do it? First of all, if you’re willing to control certain type of commentaries that you don’t like, you can set a filter by word, which will give you a power to hide the texts with unwanted words.

The best thing about it is you can set as many stop words as you want, for example “the”, “I”, “you” and anything else — and there is little to no chance that any commentaries at all are going to be shown on your page. Go to settings, page moderation tab and then to keyword list and add as many words as you want. 

The other option would be blocking certain people whom you don’t want to leave any commentaries under your posts. This is easily done by going to this person’s page and clicking on the more button near their main information. Blocked person has no access to your page at all, so you shouldn’t be worrying about them texting under your posts.

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If you’re worrying about lacking the commentaries on your page, you can buy Facebook comments, and change the situation for your profile for the very best. Adequately written texts that are following the topic of the post will become a great boost for your page and can initiate a discussion between real people on your page.

So you should really pay attention to this paid promotion method, as many people somehow underestimate it and stop by ordering followers and likes only.

Try to promote your profile complexly and think ahead, don’t buy gigantic packages if you have a pretty small page and be careful with whom you’re buying it from. You need real notes only!

We strongly recommend that you defend your safe space online. Remember that blocking a note is not the only way to show a person that he is not welcome on this page. More precisely, such a lock will not let them understand this, because they will still see the text left on your wall.

If you want to clearly mark your border, do not hesitate to block the person themselves and restrict their access to your page. If this is an open bullying, do not be afraid to report them, so that their page may be banned in the social network itself.


How to block comments on public Facebook page?

The quickest method would be setting keywords that FB system will be using to hide the notes. If you need to know how to do it in detail, view the body if this article. 

How to block comments on my Facebook ad?

You can set the filter by words, so Facebook would hide the notes that include certain keywords. If you need an instruction on how to do it, view the body of this article. 

How to block GIF comments on Facebook?

You can only block the person who’s using the GIFs to comment. Unfortunately, there is only a block by words, there is no block by GIFs or other media files yet. We have to wait for Facebook to fix this inconvenience.

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