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How to block followers on Facebook

If you want to get rid of a certain subscriber, you can easily block your followers on Facebook. There might be a thousand of different reasons why you might want to do it — it doesn’t matter why the user is unwanted, you have all the rights to block anyone who’s your friend or who is not a friend on FB.

So, in this article we will answer your question “how do I inhibit subs on Facebook?” in detail and will also tell how to unlock a person if you have changed your decision. 

So, let’s say you’ve made a decision that you have had enough and that you want to get rid of a certain follower. The only way to do it would be inhibiting them. To do so you need to go to this person’s page and tap on the three dots button on the right side of the page, next to their name.

There you will see several options, one of them is going to be “block”. Tap on it and then press “confirm”. Here you are, this person is not your follower anymore, plus they do not have access to your page.

Facebook won’t send them a notification about you inhibiting them, so you shouldn’t worry about having to confront a person like that.

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However, time goes by and you can change your decision: how do you release a person and give them access to your page once again? To do it you’d have to go to your settings and find the tab manage blocking.

Facebook redirects you to this tab after you put somebody into the restriction list, but we don’t think that you need it right away. So, if you have decided to release a person, you should find their name in the restriction list and tap on the unblock button near their name.

From that moment the person will get access to your page, but to become your follower they would have to subscribe to you once again and send the request if your page is private.

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Anyway, you should not pull all the unwanted people from the blacklist just because you needed subscribers. When you want to promote your page properly, you can take the chance to buy Facebook followers, which should be real and not hit your pocket too much.

This is quite possible today, given that companies that sell high-quality services and do not use bots have finally appeared on the social media promo market.

We hasten to remind you that subscribers are not the only parameter by which you can evaluate the promotion of the page. In fact, perhaps even a bigger role is played by likes on content and the number of friends — since it is by these parameters that you can assess the loyalty of the audience.

If people are willing to watch your content as soon as it is released and leave reactions to it, then you have succeeded. If they also repost it, then everything is very good.


How to block a lot of followers on Facebook at once?

Unfortunately, you cannot inhibit several followers at once — Facebook doesn’t have a button for that yet. But you can manually go through all the people whom you want to be blocked and put them into your restriction list. 

How to block unknown followers on Facebook?

If you try to track who’s following you or if you have a private account and you somehow missed several approved requests out of your attention, you can always inhibit these people by pressing two buttons: the more button near their name on their page, and then the block button. 

How to block hidden followers on Facebook?

Just like any other follower: there are no actually hidden subscribers, there are only the ones that could change their name, send their profile to another person or to the brand. If you find them unnecessary in your followers list, you can inhibit them by choosing this option in the three dots button menu on their personal page. 

How to block followers on public Facebook page?

Go to the page of the person whom you want to block, press on the three dots button near the name and choose the option to inhibit. After that you’ll get rid of this follower and will be redirected to your manage blocking tab.

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