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How to block friends on Facebook

All the different types of beef can happen online, and to have your own back you should know how to block friends in Facebook without them knowing and without unfriending them.

Yes, that’s a very sleek move to make, but sometimes you just can’t go without it: we have colleagues, members of family and fellows whom we still kind of want to have in our lives, but who can really get on our nerves due to various reasons.

So, how do you block your friends and will they know about it?

The answer is — no, they won’t know about it, but you cannot do it without unfriending them. If you block a person, they will be automatically moved from your list of friends into your black list, and this is just how blocking and restriction works.

All in all, they will be held away from seeing posts and from seeing your friends and you will no longer be seeing their posts in your timeline. The unwanted person will be basically held away from your page and you won’t have to deal with them and their negativity from now on.

block friends

To block a person, come to their page and tap on the more button near their name and their main photo. There you will get a drop down menu where you will have to choose the option “block”. “But how do I do it sneakily, will they get a notification?”

No, they won’t — you can solve all of your problems with a person at once by clicking on one button only. 

If you want to block mutual pals with a certain person, you need to go on their page and find mutual friends. There you can tap on the more button near their names and choose the option block. You can do it multiple times, but sadly enough there is no button to do it in bulk yet.

The same goes to suggested chums — if you don’t want to see them in your recommendations anymore, just press on the cross near their names and all of them will be removed once and for all. 

How to block friends list on Facebook

But if you have an opposite type of problem and you want to know how to block your FB friends list from everyone — there is a decision for that problem as well. For that we will need to hit the settings of the mobile app (or a PC version) and find the privacy section.

There you will see the field “who can see my friends”, and a list of options from my friends, to different lists and to me only. Change whatever you find more convenient.

who can see friends list

Properly managing your pals and subscribers on Facebook is an important and difficult task that is not feasible for everyone. Moreover, often the number of friends and subs is not enough, and this is incredibly important in order to properly and effectively develop your account.

Therefore, it is especially important for beginners to have a chance to buy Facebook friends in order to fake the success of the page until word of mouth leads to people naturally subscribing to them. The main thing is not to overdo it and thoughtfully approach the issue of promotion.


How to block individual friends from your friends on Facebook?

Proceed to their page and click on the button more near their name and main info at the top of the page. You will get a drop down menu from which you should choose the option block. After that, a person is going to be moved to the black list.

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