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How to delete comments on Facebook

All of us were in that situation when you really want to delete a certain comment from Facebook — the reasons might be pretty different, but it’s the same old thing when you want to get information from other peoples’ eyes.

Can you delete comments from an app, using an iPhone or an Android? Yes, sure! You can easily remove GIF comments, live comments and all the other types of your notes: the only exception is that you cannot remove them from a page of a certain person when blocked, but that’s a whole another story.

Let’s figure out the answer to the question “how do I remove commentaries in Facebook that I don’t want to see there anymore?”

It’s very easy: all you need to do is find the note that you want to get rid of and make a long press on it. FB will give you a drop-down menu with a list of options where you will be able to choose “delete”. After you choose it, voila, the unwanted commentary is going to get removed.

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But there are often situations when everything is quite the opposite: you are trying to promote your profile or page, and there are desperately not enough comments. What do you do in this case?

In fact, everything is simple: first, do not delete existing comments, whatever they may be (even negative notes can benefit you, take our word for it), and buy Facebook comments in a verified place. 

It is very important to clarify the following — which comments you are buying. They must be adequately written, do not contain links and general phrases, that is, they must relate to the topic of the post, photo or video that you posted.

This is a quality check: bots very rarely post adequate blanks, usually it’s something ridiculous or stuffed with links. You don’t need that!

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If you decide to buy services, then strive to buy quality services: otherwise you risk killing your reputation in the bud. If your page is flooded with ridiculous notes from bots and fakes, no one will be interested in what you post about — it will be completely clear to everyone that your page is no better than these same bots and fakes.


How to delete comments on a Facebook group?

Go to the group that you remember leaving some comments that you want to delete right now and find the particular post. If you remember exact words, you can use the FB search. Make a long press on a note that you want to remove and choose delete out of the list of options that are going to be given to you. 

How to delete comments on my photo on Facebook?

You should find the particular photo that you want to delete the notes from, find the unwanted commentary, make a long press on it and choose delete out of the list of options that are going to be given to you. 

Is there a way to delete all comments on Facebook?

Unfortunately, you cannot delete all of your commentaries in bulk — FB doesn’t give a button for an option like this. But you can do it by hand or by deleting your profile; it will take down all the data that you’ve left on this social media.

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