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How to delete events on Facebook

If you use Facebook as your calendar, choosing FB events as the most convenient schedule for you, you need to know how to add, create and delete happenings on Facebook.

It should be noted that this is done quite easily, but for some reason many people are looking for additional tools for this, although they are absolutely not required. So, how do you delete events on FB? We will consider it in the next paragraph.

How to delete life events in Facebook

So, to delete an event that you decided to save in your profile from the timeline, you will have to go to your mobile app and then to the happenings tab. Here you will have to find the event that you are no longer interested in, and click on the “edit happening” button — the button looks like a pencil symbol.

Here you will see the delete happening option. Choose it and now, you have got rid of an unnecessary event in your feed and in your calendar.

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But before you delete any event, think about whether this information will be useful to you later. Often people tend to “clean” the calendar, and after some time they frantically try to remember what kind of happening it was that they loved so much, where it took place and who else was at it.

We recommend storing information about past happenings if you use FB as a full-fledged calendar. Sometimes there may be no other way to find information about a previous happening, so be careful with deep cleans. 

But what if you are on this page not because you can’t delete the event, but because you were looking for ways to promote your event on Facebook?

Yes, there are several ways to solve the problem in this situation — first, you can buy Facebook events requests that will help you attract a much larger audience to promote your happening or your page. In fact, in order to give the project an initial boost, this may be quite enough.

A large number of possible participants in the happening will attract people and force them to change their opinion about the project, which until recently was relatively few.

And if you additionally think about high-quality content and timely answers to all questions from possible participants, there will be no end to requests.

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Anyway, we recommend that you always keep in mind the fact that paid services alone will certainly not be enough — you need to make sure that the page is perfectly designed, contains everything you need about the upcoming project and people can find each other to join it.

You also need to answer all the questions that arise and try to spread information about the project on other social networks, since now it is simply impossible to do without cross-posting in such situations. FB is a big platform, but sometimes it is not enough to attract the attention of all potentially interested people.


How to delete upcoming events on Facebook?

Find the pencil looking button, press on it and choose to remove the happening. After that, it will be gone from your FB sked page. 

How to delete duplicate events on Facebook?

Find those events and tap on the edit button next to one of them. Choose to delete out of the list of options that you will be given. Unfortunately, there is no automatic way to delete the duplicating happenings in your calendar.

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