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How to enable followers on Facebook?

If you want to know how to manage your FB profile like a pro, you should know how to enable Facebook followers and make them public again if you’ve made a decision to make your page private at some point in time.

The subs feature is very important for people who are trying to make their pages grow quickly and tangibly, so if you have suddenly decided that you want to promote your profile but it’s private right now and you don’t remember how to turn on and make them public again, this article is for you. 

So, here is the answer to “how do I enable followers once again?” — you should go to your page and then tap on privacy and settings. From there go to settings and find the tab who can follow me — there you should switch from friends to public. And voila, now other people are able to subscribe to you once again.

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It is quite normal to change your opinion about something, and if you understand that the relationship with your audience has changed and you are ready to become more open, you can change the settings in no time.

We recommend that you try not to make parts of your page private if you are aiming for promotion, as this may slightly scare people away. Be as open with your audience as possible, and then you will feel a strong return from them as feedback, thumbs up and comments.

The way to success lies in diverse and fresh content, in responses to comments from your audience and sometimes even in interaction with them in personal messages. Try to make your account interactive, full of some opportunities to express yourself for your subscribers, it always helps to raise activity and motivate people to forward your content.

If you are on Facebook to develop your brand or your persona’s popularity, we do not recommend that you make your page available only to friends — it is better to always remain public.

This way you will be able to share information about yourself much more and more widely; even if your friends share your posts on their pages or tell about you, it will still not be the same as when your page is open to everyone.

Do not be afraid to share information, do not be afraid to seem “intrusive”, because today everything is decided by the number of times that you appear in the feed of your potential customers.

For business and fan pages, this is an incredibly important point that can not be solved even by the chance to buy Facebook followers — even if you use paid promotion, you still need to think about how many posts you write and how they are perceived by the audience.

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However, if you decide to buy the subs, make sure that you are buying a high-quality service and you will get real subscribers, that is real people with real accounts.

Do not hesitate to ask questions and communicate with managers, learn about free samples and test them to understand whether it is worth cooperating with this promo company or not. Believe me, it is better to spend some amount of time and patience on choosing a company than to regret the wasted money later.

Also, do not forget that paid promotion is not everything — the main work remains with the owner of the page, who always needs to communicate with the existing and newly arrived audience, conduct surveys, sweepstakes and other interactivity to maintain people’s interest in their products or companies.

Combining paid services is also an important nuance that should be used in your favor. We do not recommend buying one thing in huge quantities: make sure that you buy several services in equal or close to equal proportions, because this way you can achieve a more realistic look of your page.

It should be important to you how other people perceive your page, because it depends on whether they want to read your content on a regular basis and whether they want to become your customers in the future (if you have a brand or something else of a commercial nature).

If you do not have time to focus on such calculations and organization of promotion, it is better to hire a specialist — after all, social media marketing is a whole science today, and amateurs who used to use social networks only for themselves are not even close to suspecting all the opportunities that may open up to them.


How to enable followers on Facebook under 18?

Unfortunately, there is no age filter for followers on Facebook. You either make your account available for everyone, or you can make it private and leave your friends only to follow you. But you can make some of your posts unavailable to people of a certain age, but that’s a whole another story. 

How to enable followers on Facebook mobile?

When you want to make your account public again, go to settings and privacy, then proceed to settings and find the field who can follow me. There you should switch from friends to public; from that moment on everyone will be able to see your posts. 

How to enable followers on Facebook fan page?

Go to privacy and settings, pick settings and then find the tab who can follow me. There choose public out of all the options.

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