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How to find events on Facebook?

Navigating the events section on the FB app is an essential thing to do if you’re an avid user of this platform — to find old, declined, near me happenings can become quite a task if you have no idea how this website works and where to click to get what you need.

In this article we’re going to give an answer to the question “how do I find my events on Facebook?” and specify them by type, so you won’t feel lost in all the buttons and possibilities.

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So, first of all, if you need to look up previous happenings that you have already attended, you should go to the section and find the more button. There you will be able to choose “past events” out of several options that will be given to you; Facebook will show you all the happenings that you have attended in the past. 

The pending saved happenings are going to be straight on the main page of the events section — with the date and location near them. Really, FB’s calendar is a very convenient thing to use, you can even track your personal happenings there, by simply adding them into the system.

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When you want to look up the happening that are going to take place in your area in a certain community, you can not only ask your friends if they have heard something about things like that, but also use FB’s feature “events you may like” or “popular with friends”.

Some time ago Facebook gave us a chance to look for happenings using the location (nearby happenings could be found easily), but now this option is gone and you can only search for happenings according to your interests (the ones that Facebook’s algorithm knows about).

If you are an event organizer who wants to attract as much attention to your project as possible, there is an option for you. However, you will need to attract a third-party service: in particular, you will need to buy Facebook events requests to gather more people around your event.

This works very well, especially if you don’t have time to wait for real applications to attend the event. Combine this option with the acquisition of subscribers and friends, and your page or the page of your event will suddenly look much better than before.


How to find events I’m invited to on Facebook?

Go to the happenings section on Facebook and press on your events. There you will be able to track the happenings that you have saved as the interesting ones and the ones that you’ve been invited to. 

How to find events drafts on Facebook?

While you’re viewing the happenings section, the main page should include drafts of the happenings that you’ve wanted to create some time ago as well. There is no specific button to press, everything should be right behind your eyes from the beginning.

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