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How to hide followers on Facebook

Some time ago you were able to hide the number of followers that you have on Facebook from PC or from mobile, but unfortunately today Facebook has changed its rules. “Why can everybody see my subscribers? I don’t want people to know how many I have”.

Well, that’s actual for people who are trying to keep their pages private; yet for that you’d have to tackle another setting on Facebook, as things have changed a little bit. Today if you want to keep your subs private, you should also sacrifice your ability to get more followers — switch to friends in the tab who can follow me. That can be found in privacy and settings.

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If you are on the way to promote your Facebook page, why do you need to hide the number of subscribers at all? Yes, of course, your competitors may try to analyze your followers and even “steal” some of them, but who hasn’t done that?

This is probably already a very common and natural practice — the exchange of the audience occurs both voluntarily and against the will of the influencers, and this is normal, you just have to put up with it.

If you haven’t done this yet, we highly recommend this: this way you will be able to better understand the niche in which you work, and possibly find new subscribers and new customers.

Keep in mind that you can always buy Facebook followers if you feel that you are missing them — the same way you can buy friends, comments and likes on posts. In fact, today you can buy any promo package, and this will be enough to provide yourself with a high-quality booster on the way to success.

Quite often, when you have just created a page, it is difficult to find your first real subscribers, and here a decent and proven promo agency can come to the rescue — it will take care of the promotion, and you can focus on working on the content.

If you are on FB not for the sake of promotion, but for the sake of communicating with friends, then the only method to hide your subscribers is described in the body of this article. Sadly, today Facebook is not as personal as it used to be and people stay on this platform mainly because of business or when it is impossible to communicate with friends on other platforms.

Also remember that you always have the opportunity to ban those who cause you problems: fortunately, there is still a kind of blacklist on Facebook and anyone who bothers you can please it.


How to hide followers on Facebook business page?

Sadly enough, today you cannot hide your subscribers on Facebook, as this social media website has changed its rules. Now you can only switch to friends in who can follow me tab. 

How to hide number of followers on Facebook fan page?

Right now you have no opportunity to hide the number of followers on your page. Today Facebook only gives two options: you can rather switch to only friends being able to follow you, or keep the number of your subs public. There are no workarounds or in between.

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