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How to hide likes on Facebook?

These days people really like to have more privacy online. It’s not surprising: the more time we spend on social media, the more we understand that there are way too many people who can use our personal data against us.

That’s why people will to “hide my Facebook likes” pretty often today: the good news is you can play with your custom privacy however you want from the settings menu and you don’t even have to look for help from side specialists and services — FB has taken care of it in advance.

So, if you want to hide likes on pictures or on posts from the public or who sees your likes on FB, all you have to do is: 

Log into your profile and go straight to your profile page. There you should find a bar under your main photo and tap “more”, and then from the drop-down menu choose “likes”. From there you will be able to see the categories (also named sections) that you can leave your likes in on Facebook, and there you will be able to choose which ones “only you” will be able to see from now on.

No matter if you want to do that on mobile or on PC, the algorithm will stay the same, but the interface may slightly vary. However, it’s intuitively understandable as for iPhone or Android apps, so as for computers, so you won’t have any difficulties with that for sure.

hide likes on Facebook - Vip FB

So after you’ve chosen the categories, you should go to the pencil icon and select “edit the privacy of your likes”. And here you go — but actually, there is a little bit more to the privacy of likes. Nowadays FB settings give a possibility to custom change the privacy (“custom privacy”) and even decide if you want to share your likes in specific categories with certain groups of other people. 

If you want to hide external likes that you have left on the other people’s profiles you can only use the “activity log” button and “unlike” the thumbs up you’ve left that are shown on the timeline. However, that is still not it as we have the last option available: you can hide the likes from the list of your sections on a personal page: for that, you should press on the “more” button under your main photo and go to “manage sections”.

There you should remove the checkmark against the “likes” and from now on no one will be able to see your thumbs up from your profile page. It works great for old or past thumbs up, new ones, thumbs up on interests or movies, status, and any other ones as well.

How to hide photo likes from Facebook? 

So even though everybody’s profile photo is public and you can do nothing with it, you still can control your comments and likes on it though. Cover photos get more thumbs up than any other one, and not all of them you usually approve and want to see on your page forever.

To improve the situation you can hide when someone else loves your photo on FB, how do you do that?

hide photo likes from Facebook - Vip FB

You should go to your profile photo, choose the “people gear” and then select “me only” from all the options. Yes, it will make people unable to leave thumbs up and comments under your cover photo, but that’s exactly what you were striving for, isn’t it?

Sometimes we all want a little more privacy. It will also erase all the likes and comments from the public. The process remains the same no matter if you want to make it from your PC or from your phone app (let it be iPhone or Android). 

How to hide friends’ likes on Facebook? 

So sometimes we want to hide likes not only from random people who might be visiting our pages on FB but also from our friends, completely but without unfollowing them. You can surely do it using your “activity log” and unlike all, you’ve been loving recently in a timeline, but that’s a lot of stuff to do and moreover, you’d need to do it regularly if you want to keep your thumbs up private.

It would be much easier to hide your likes from friends setting your thumbs up to private from the settings of “likes” that will appear after your press on “more” under your main profile picture. There you should choose “only me” in the box of who’s able to see your thumbs up.

But, “how do I hide friends’ likes on Facebook?” you might ask. You can do it the same way: if you choose the option of only you being able to see all the thumbs up, no one else will be able to see the thumbs up that your friends have left on your page. 

How to hide likes on Facebook page? 

But what if you need to erase the likes on the Facebook business page? Sometimes people want to make their fan or business or community page more like a card and not like a page on social media — where there are thumbs up, comments and other reactions seen.

So, if you’re wondering “how can I hide my FB thumbs up on a business page?” the answer is — just like you do on your normal personal page on FB. You should log in, then go to your main fan or business page, choose the “more” button under the cover photo and go straight to the “likes” option. Then select “manage” (it looks like a pencil icon) and then edit the privacy of your thumbs up however you like.

This way you will be able to choose who’s seeing your thumbs up and whether or not these are public and available for everyone. Choose “only me” if you want to erase any amount of thumbs up from your page’s timeline completely. The comments will still be there though, so make sure to change that setting as well if you’re willing to get rid of not only thumbs up, but comments as well. 

How to hide Facebook likes on Tinder? 

And as long as Facebook is connected to many other social media websites, you might also want to know how to hide your Facebook thumbs up from Tinder. If you want to do so, you’d have to first remove “my likes” from Facebook, and then nobody will be able to see them on Tinder as well. Therefore, you should use the method that we’ve described in the previous paragraph: set privacy the right way and your photos will stay clean and free of any reactions from Facebook.

hide facebook likes on tinder

But before doing that think twice — who knows, maybe some thumbs up might make you closer to some people on Tinder? What if you have common friends or acquaintances who might be seen in the thumbs up under your photos? 

How to hide likes on profile picture? 

Pretty often we don’t like comments and sometimes even thumbs up (when from unwanted people) on our profile photos. How can I hide my likes on profile pictures on FB without offending anybody at the same time?

Well, thankfully, there is an easy option: you need to simply go to that picture, choose “people gear” and after that select “me only”. It will make your public completely unable to leave any thumbs up or comments under this pic — doesn’t matter if they want to do that on mobile or from PC.

Hide likes on profile picture - Vip FB

If you want to hide your likes under someone’s profile picture, you’d need to simply remove it from there. Unfortunately, only the owner of the photo can decide whether they want thumbs up to be seen, or not. 

How to hide likes on Facebook news feed? 

If you are thinking “how do I hide my likes on FB news feed?” the answer is through the thumbs up privacy settings. This is the only way to make your thumbs up unseen and hidden from the news feed on FB.

Check the previous paragraphs for detailed instructions: there we’ve put forward how to operate privacy of thumbs up in many sections that Facebook has. If you want to make your comments erased as well, you’d have to set the right settings for comments at the same time as you’d be hiding your thumbs up. 

How to hide who likes my posts on Facebook? 

If you need to hide who’s liking your pictures on FB, you should go straight to the picture that you’re willing to get free from unwanted thumbs up and comments, press “people gear” and choose “only me”.

From that moment on only, you will be able to leave thumbs up and comments under your photos. “My photos” on FB can also be moderated in terms of privacy, so if you want to make all of your pics free from unwanted thumbs up or notes, make sure to go into settings and tune that thing. 

If you’re looking for some extra support for your Facebook profile, don’t forget that you can actually buy Facebook likes to make your profile look like already successful and interesting to many people. Bought thumbs up to have to be real though — keep that in mind and choose decent platforms only to order yourself some thumbs up for profile’s promotion.

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