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How to print Facebook friends list?

Sometimes we need to gather the info from our FB pages, and sometimes we need to save and even print your friend’s list from Facebook.

Whatever it might be: organize a meet or a vacation, planning something else, some of you might be wondering “how do I print my Fb friends list, do I need some extra programs for that or can I do it easily on Facebook itself?”

The answer is: yes, you can do it from FB itself and you can even make a list of all your friends with pictures.

Facebook friends list - Vip-FB

Basically, all you need to do for that is download a copy of your information on Facebook, the option is called “Download your information on Facebook”. For that, you should go to settings and then to confidentiality, and there you will be able to find the “your information on Facebook” button on the left.

There you should press “download information” and press “view”, to decide what type of info you’d like to see — you can choose different options and mark them with flags. You can also choose the format of the file that you’re going to get as the copy; it usually takes Facebook several days to get everything ready.

When the file will be complete, you’ll get a notification that now you can download the copy, and then you will be able to print out the list of your Facebook friends. To print, download the file to your PC or smartphone and then use the available device to create a paper copy. 

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