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How to remove followers on Facebook?

Nowadays people have pretty firm personal boundaries and have a clear understanding of what might harm them online — unfortunately, while social media is a great resource for people who’re willing to connect over long distances, it can be full of danger for psychological abuse.

We’re not trying to make it darker than it is, but if you’ve been on social media for a while you must be totally understanding of what we are trying to say. It’s not surprising that people might want to know how to remove followers from Facebook — they can have plenty of reasons for that. So in this article, we are going to tell you exactly how you can do it!

Unfortunately, though, Facebook does not allow you to remove certain followers that are bothering you, but instead of that there is a pretty useful option that can help you with making unknown or unwanted people not following you anymore.

Basically, you can change your privacy settings in a way that everyone who are not your friends on Facebook won’t be able to follow you anymore. How can you do that?

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To remove all the foreign or fake followers that you have, go to the top right corner of your Facebook page and open the menu, then choose “settings”. From there you will be able to pick the option “public posts” and there you will see the “who can follow me” button.

Press on it and select “friends” via drop-down list. This is how you can have yourself safe from all the inactive and secret followers whom you don’t want to see in your subscribers list.

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The previous paragraph was telling you how to set the right privacy using your PC — but most of us actually use Facebook via apps on iPhone or Android. How do you manage that? Well, the process remains the same with one exception: on the menu you’d have to tap not just settings, but “settings and privacy” first.

After that step everything goes as we have listed for the PC. This method is great for deciding whom you want to see in your followers list on Facebook and who is clearly unwanted. You can remove everybody in bulk and it’s not different for a fan page or a business page — this trick works equally good for all FB pages.

But if your question is in one particular follower, this method won’t work, and unfortunately, as we have said, Facebook gives no opportunity to take out subscribers one by one or selectively. However, you can always simply block them or add to restricted “black” list.

But if you’re in need of more specific settings for followers, for example you want to remove certain subscribers by country, you can use the setting of making your page shown in certain regions only.

For example, if people from an unwanted country would like to find your profile, they won’t be able to as your page won’t be shown to them in a search section on Facebook.

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And if you’re looking for something quite (opposite) than removing subscribers, you can actually buy Facebook followers if you’re thinking of quick and efficient promotion of your FR profile. With those you’ll be able to create a look of an already successful and interesting page, that will attract even more real subscribers to your content.

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