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How to remove likes on Facebook

FB thumbs up are a great instrument to use if you want to show appreciation for a certain post, page, or even comment. This button has been on Facebook for many years and offers an opportunity to react to things quickly and easily.

However, sometimes the amount of liked posts may overflow a little bit and mess with the order in your profile. So, do fix that, it would be smart and convenient to remove spam, unwanted or old public likes that you don’t want to see in your timeline anymore. How do you do that?

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First, you have to go to your Facebook page and press on the triangle button at the very top of it. From there you should choose “settings and privacy” and then choose “activity log”. Then click on “filter” and choose “likes and reactions”. Then you will be able to go through your likes in chronological order and unlike the ones that you find foreign and dumb.

However, there are many categories of thumbs up that you might find unnecessary right now. You could have liked Facebook pages or groups of musicians, movies, sports events, books, external websites, maybe you’ve liked all of your friends’ pages or you could have left your thumbs up for any other FB page, let it be official or unofficial.

But, fortunately, you can change that and erase these thumbs up as well. The only con of this method would be you having to erase thumbs up by hand, going through each one of them individually — no bulk removing multiple thumbs up is available for you if you’re using this method. 

If you want to remove your FB thumbs up using the app on Android or iPhone, you should do all the same that we have told you to do from PC, with the only exception: apps give an option to choose a certain category of thumbs-ups that were left in various places from your profile. It makes the process of research easier and quicker, so you don’t have to waste your time picking certain thumbs up by hand.

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How to remove fake likes on Facebook photo 

If you want to remove fake Facebook page likes, you should find the fake likes who have left you those fake thumbs up. However, that’s not easy to do, as Facebook hasn’t got any built-in qualifier of fake users and fake thumbs up. To remove fake likes from FB photos or posts you’d have to turn to third-party services: for example, you can use ZeroFox, BotOrNot, or JarveePro.

Each of these tools works a little bit differently, but it allows you to identify and delete the fake thumbs up that people have left you (or the ones that you have bought feeling frustrated for your efforts in development not quite working). 

However, if you still need to develop your account, you can actually buy Facebook likes that are real and that won’t bring any harm to your profile. Choose a decent company with a nice reputation and always check for reviews from previous buyers. Real thumbs up will help you with building up a big audience and making people believe that you have already reached a certain level of online success and popularity.

Don’t forget that quality promotion doesn’t stop here — you need to work on your content, on the schedule of your posting, and on many other little things that altogether create a wholesome account with the potential to grow. 

How to remove likes on Facebook post

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t give an opportunity to remove likes from a certain Facebook post. So if you need to erase thumbs up from a particular publication, you can try these ways: either block the people who have liked this post (it will make their thumbs up disappear from your page) or delete the post itself. As sad as it is, right now there are no other ways to solve this problem. 

How to remove other people’s likes on Facebook

If you want to remove any likes on FB from another person, you should simply block this person. After that, all of their thumbs up and comments will disappear from your page. This is the only sure way to remove another person’s likes from Facebook — all the other ways include either paid third-party services or deleting the post itself.

Both options aren’t very valid and suitable for everyone. If you want to prevent situations where people can leave thumbs up for your posts, make sure to change the settings. You can choose who can like your publications and who cannot. Choose “only me” if you feel like restricting everybody from leaving thumbs up to your publications.

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How to remove all likes on Facebook

If you’re thinking of removing all your Facebook likes at once, you can either use the method that we have described in the first part of this article, or turn to help from third-party paid services.

However, we’d recommend you using the “settings and privacy” method, as from the activity log you will be able to mass find and erase any of your reactions on Facebook (no matter if you’re doing it from the app and using categories or not). You can get rid of “my” likes, product thumbs up, movies, and music FB page thumb up that are literally just littering up your timeline now. 

If you need to remove all likes and followers from an FB page, the quickest and easiest way would be to delete the page and restart your online life on Facebook with a new one. Surely, you can erase the thumbs up through the activity log and remove the followers by blocking them, but that would take you too much time and effort that could be saved by “restarting”.

Delete a Facebook Page


Can you remove someone else’s like on Facebook?

No, you cannot erase a certain person’s thumbs up from your page, yet you can block them and prohibit them from leaving you thumb up and comments in the future. 

How to remove likes on Facebook messenger?

Go to your profile, open “settings and privacy”, then choose “activity log”. Then tap on “filter” and choose “likes and reactions”. From there you will be able to get rid of all the thumbs up that you find unnecessary right now. 

How to remove unwanted likes on Facebook?

To delete unwanted thumbs up on FB you need to operate your thumbs up through the “activity log”. Make sure to read the beginning of this article, as there we are giving the detailed step-by-step guide on how you can do that. 

How to remove likes from a single picture on Facebook?

If you want to erase thumbs up from a certain picture, go to this picture, then choose “people gear” and tap “only me”. After that, you will be the only person who will be able to leave thumbs up and comments under this picture. 

How to remove Facebook likes from deleted websites?

If you need to delete the thumbs up that you’ve left for the pages of already dead and deleted external websites, you can still do that through your activity log. Make sure to use the app as it gives the possibility to filter the thumbs-up using certain categories. 

How can I remove likes from my Facebook page if the person has viewers set to private?

You still can operate your thumbs up through the activity log. 

How to remove Facebook likes from my WordPress blog?

If you want to disable thumbs up on all the connected pages, go to “my sites” first. There choose “configure”, then press on “sharing” and “sharing buttons”. After that you’ll be given several “options”, them choose “show sharing buttons on” and uncheck the Facebook one.

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