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How to send a message to all friends on Facebook?

If you need to mass message all Facebook friends, you should know how to do it using the web version and using the app (Facebook Messenger). The second option allows you to create group chats where you will be able to send individual messages to all friends on Facebook any time you want.

Let’s talk about sending private messages to all FB friends through Messenger as people now use it more often than the web version.

Why would you need to send any texts to all your fellows on FB in general? It can be done due to business or personal needs, and you can’t tell surely which occasion causes mass messaging more often.

You might want to invite all of your acquaintances to a certain personal event, or you might be interested in bringing them to the presentation of your new product, who knows? In any case, sending one text to many people at once is way more convenient while done through a group or a chat, not individually.

Moreover, a little bit later you might want to send a mass text one more time — and if you already have a special group created, it’s going to be way easier and quicker.

If we talk about sending messages to all friends in one click using Messenger, you should know that it has a limitation — you can create chats that include from two friends up to 150 people. If you need more than that, think about creating several chats at once.

You can save the message that you need to spread in Google Keep or wherever it’s more convenient to you and then copy it to several chats.

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So, if I need to send a message to all my Facebook friends, I should go to Messenger and choose “create a new group” which can be done by pressing the following feature above. Then you should add multiple friends to the group, name it, and then you will be able to send a single or several messages at once, including photos, to all of your fellows.

Messenger is way more comfortable to do so, so if you’re interested in sending such messages regularly, for business goals or personal goals, you should definitely use the option of mass sending messages.

If you want to broadcast a message to all FB friends through the web version, you should do the same steps that we were describing in the previous paragraphs.

The only nuance is that the location of the buttons may vary a little bit, but as the interface of the web version is also intuitively understandable, you won’t have any problems with sending one message or a script to all the FB fellows of yours at once.

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There is one last method that you should know about if you need to send one message (or several ones) to selected friends at one time. You can actually create a whole group — you should go to the “groups” section of your Facebook profile and choose “create new group”.

Then name it and choose the status — it can be secret, closed, or public. Then you can add some people (the friends that you want to send messages to) and pin it to shortcuts for more comfort in use. You can also type a small message for an invitation — it has its limits so make sure to not enter the text that would be way too long.

After that, you’ll be able to have your own group of people who are potentially interested in stuff that you’re going to regularly send them to. This is a nice option if you need to work with a certain audience and sometimes add new people to it. 

If you need to have more friends to your profile, you can always turn for help from the third-party company or service: they will give you a chance to buy Facebook friends to make your page look like an interesting and appealing one if you need to gather a big audience that will definitely see and like your posts.

Friends on FB see all the posts and all the changes in your profile in the first place and are always there to support your content. 

Though you shouldn’t forget that buying friends is not everything you need to do; in fact, this is almost the last thing to do if you have just started promoting your profile on FB. Start with more basic things, such as making sure that you have enough followers and likes, for example, and that you have enough content to post, and that it is appealing enough to involve people into the life of your account.

If you don’t check these points before buying specific promo options such as FB friends, you’re going to meet many obstacles on your way towards online popularity that you’re obviously seeking. 


Can you send a Facebook message to someone you’re not friends with?

Yes, you can, if this person hasn’t set any limitations or hasn’t made their profile private. 

Can you send a Facebook message to someone your not friends with?

You definitely can if this person has not made their page private and closed or has not set any limits to whom they can get the texts from. 

How do I send one message to all my friends on Facebook without creating a group?

You can use Messenger and add a new group that will actually be a chat with up to 150 participants. Then you will be able to mass send the same or several texts to all these people. If you need to get to more than 150 people, make sure to create several groups in Messenger. 

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