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How to tag friends on Facebook?

When you’re making a post, you need to know how do you tag friends on Facebook posts — it can be needed for a video, picture or an album, sometimes it’s needed even in profile picture.

You can even mention more than 100 fellows on FB at once, as there are no limitations, and sometimes it is necessary (for example, when you’re posting a photo of friends from a certain big event).

What is tagging in general? Everyone on FB has a name in shared link that leads everybody to this person’s page if they are mentioned in comments, on a business page or on a regular page on FB.

There is no possibility to auto mention a person or do it accidentally, as on mobile and on a web-version you have to press on certain buttons to achieve that.

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“How do I tag my buddies?” Well, it is quite easy actually: as you know, all of your fellows have their @ that you can use to mention them in comments.

Yes, this method still works, although most of the time people recommend simply tapping on a mention button that’s available while you’re making a post or writing a comment or putting forward a photo or a video.

In the last two options this is essential and you cannot do without it, but if you’re writing something, you can easily and quickly use @ with a username of a person whom you want to mention and it will work greatly. 

But we’d recommend you to think about mentioning somebody in the first place — it is not only the matter of sharing something with people, but also the matter of safety.

Today many bloggers share their sad stories and recommend excluding tagging people and using geotags out of people’s lives, as this might bring some sad consequences and worries if somebody with bad thoughts can find that information about you.

If you’re sure in your surroundings, than why not, but if you know that there might be some people who have bad intentions and who cannot be trusted, we’d rather you don’t tag anyone, even your closest chums. 

How to tag friends on Facebook post? 

You can either use the @ method where you simply type in your chums’ names using the @ symbol, or you can mention them using the special button that you can find while creating the post or putting forward a photo.

If you’re willing to mention multiple fellows of yours, it would be more convenient to use the button, as you probably won’t remember all of the usernames that are needed.

It is quite convenient when you need to mention more than 50 friends on Facebook. But if you want to do that after posting, you’d have to use the @ way.

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When you want to mention your fellows in order to draw attention to a certain post and collect more of their reactions, as you are trying to promote your profile, perhaps you should go the other way: to do this, you can buy Facebook friends and increase the amount of support provided to your content, without spending time and effort.

“Can I purchase them effortlessly and without any harm to your profile?” Surely, you can: but before that make sure that you’re attaining quality services that will deliver real buddies to your page. You don’t need bots and fakes, as these can harm your statistics and drown your page in useless bot traffic. 

If you have doubts about whether you need such a promotion, try to sit down and analyze your profile: is it big or small, is it a business page or a personal account? What are your goals? Do you want to gather a large audience or will a small but very loyal one be enough for you?

The answers to all these questions will become your guide to how many friends and subs you need to buy and how to dispose of them in the future: as a rule, several hundred or thousands of subscribers will be enough for an average account to confidently start your journey into the world of blogging.


How to tag close friends list on Facebook?

You can either mention them using the @ and their usernames, or you can click on the tag button while creating the post and add them from the list directly. 

How to tag friends on Facebook messages?

If you’re doing it in a group chat, you can either use the @ and their username, or you can tap on their message and create a reply which will automatically mention them and send notification to them. 

Is there a way to tag all friends on Facebook?

Unfortunately, there is no way to do it automatically, but you can mention as many fellows as you want by using the @ and their usernames or the tag button where you’ll be offered a list of your close chums.

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