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How to turn off followers on Facebook?

“How do I turn off my followers on Facebook?” some people might ask as they seek an opportunity to make their account more private. Basically, if you’re looking for a chance to get rid of all the subs, you can do it by disabling the subs on your page.

Can you do it without any additional apps or hacks? For sure. Thankfully, today all social media websites give a chance to make the information private, and on FB you can do it by leaving only your friends as subscribers. 

There can be many reasons why a person may want to restrict access to their content, and they are not obliged to justify themselves for any of them. Online space is the same as personal space, so if you notice that someone is trying to attack it, it is better to immediately restrict this person’s ability to influence you and your mood.

The desire to hide your subscribers is also understandable — our connections can tell a lot about us, and in some cases it is better to leave them private. It’s up to you to decide who can know with whom you are friends and communicate, and with whom you are not.

So, when you want to turn off the subs, you should go to the settings and privacy and then choose settings. Find the option public posts and click on it, then find the tab who can follow me and choose friends.

Voila, from now on only your friends will be able to be subscribed to you; all the subs you’ve had going to have no access to your page and other people who might have wanted to follow you won’t be able to do so; they will only be able to send you a request to become friends and you’ll be able to decide whether you want it or not.

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The process is the same for PC and for mobile; plus, if you want to get rid of some of your friends, you can do it as well by simply blocking this person. From that moment on they won’t be able to see what you’re posting and won’t have access to your page.

If you decide to turn it back, you can unblock the person on your manage blocking page. If you decide to make your posts public again, you can switch it back to public on who can follow me in your settings..

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In general, if you are trying to develop your Facebook account, we highly recommend that you leave your posts public. Yes, sometimes you want a little more private space, but if we are talking about a business page, this should be excluded for it.

The more information you share with your subscribers, the more trust and respect, as well as interest they feel in you. This is an incredibly important component of online success — if people want to read you and get enough information and communication from you, they are unlikely to want to unsubscribe soon. 

If you are concerned about the number of subscribers and you understand that you are not reaching the right number, you can always buy Facebook followers. The only thing you definitely need to make sure that you are acquiring real subscribers, and not bots — because in this case you will simply waste money.

Do not hesitate to ask questions to managers, look for the opinions of other people about a particular promo company or site on third-party forums and sites. All of this is necessary so that you can be sure of the results. Also, make sure that the promo site that you are going to trust has good technical support.

Have you ever wondered what still plays a major role in the promotion of your profile?

The answer will be ambiguous: on the one hand, you can’t do without paid services (even the same built-in target on FB costs money, and not small if you have a large promo company), but on the other hand, the efforts of the content maker themselves also play a huge role.

Sometimes you even have to hire a group of specialists who will help with promotion: for example, if you have a big brand or if you want it to become big in the near future. If you are trying to promote yourself, just remember that you need to find time to interact with the audience personally.

In the eyes of people, there is nothing more valuable than a direct connection that is established between the creator and between their readers/potential buyers.


How to turn off followers on Facebook from app?

Go to your page, then click on the more button (three dots) and then on settings and privacy. Go to settings and then to who can follow me. Switch from public to friends.

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