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Search Facebook comments

If you need to find somebody’s specific comment you’d have to go through dozens of blocks of comments, as these are being sorted by blocks, and not by users. That’s not quite convenient, and if you’re a busy person who has not so much time to spend online, this option is definitely not for you.

To make it easier and quicker, you can learn how to search for comments on Facebook. So, can you search Facebook comments other than going through each one of them by hand? You surely do!

Fast way to search FB commentaries - Vip FB

So the fast way to search FB commentaries would be using this method. You need to go to the search box at the top of any FB page and type “comments made by ”, where name is the username of a person whose notes you want to find.

If you are wondering “how do I search for a comment on FB for a specific date?” you can also narrow down your research by using the filters on the left, after you have used the method of searching by a username. This way you can also look up “my comments”, as you can enter your own username into the tab. 

Of course, the Facebook commentaries search engine can be a third-party paid service that would give you a deeper sight into the data and into the huge amount of comments that you’re seeking a certain note in. But we actually think that there is no need to use it, as FB itself gives a pretty comfortable tool to find all notes that you need in the shortest time possible. 

If you need to search for commentaries without an account or without logging in, you can use this easy method and turn to help from Google. Type “” into the search box and then add whatever you’re looking for.

It can be a person’s username, or a person’s username plus the word comments. If you know what this person said specifically in their note you can try to add these words to the search as well. This is the easiest way, and all the other ones require using paid services. 

Search Facebook comments by user

As we have previously said, searching a comment by a username of who has created it is the most convenient way. To do so you’d simply need to go to the search box at the very top of the FB page and enter “comments made by ”. It will take you to the page with the results of all the notes of this person.

Further, you can narrow your research down using the filters on the left — there you will be able to choose the date, the place, or the group this comment has been posted in. This is a quick and convenient method that allows you to be pretty specific with what you’re looking for, however, you cannot seek commentaries that were liked by a certain user.

Facebook find Comment filters - Vip FB

If you’re wondering “how do I search my page for all comments by a certain user?” the answer is — exactly the same way. In the results that you will get from using the method, we’ve told you about you’ll see all the notes that this person has left, including the ones on your own page. 

Search Facebook comments by person

Sometimes you really need to quickly find a specific person’s commentaries on Facebook: for proof, to resend, or to reply in a commentaries section as well. It does not quite matter what for, the main thing is — you should know how to search your or another person’s commentaries on FB posts, photos, or on a certain Facebook page.

The answer to all of these situations is the same: you can use the special empty box at the top of the FB page, where you should enter “comments made by <username>”. From there you will be taken to the page with results, and there you’ll be able to make your rummage more specific, making other unneeded commentaries ignored by the engine using filters.

So the answer to the question “can I search Facebook commentaries by username? Without using any third-party paid services?” is definitely yes. 

How to search someone’s comments on Facebook

Can you look for someone’s specific commentaries on FB? Yes, you surely can. You can search through all the commentaries left for photos, videos, posts, in groups, and on your and other people’s pages. All you need to do is use the search by username, that we’ve told you about in the previous paragraphs.

Moreover, you can search whatever user’s commentaries that you need — it doesn’t matter if they are your friends or not if they follow you or not. FB has a pretty open policy about the commentaries search and you can basically find whatever whoever and whenever said on this social media website.

search someones comments on Facebook

How to search for friends comments on Facebook

How to search for Facebook friends’ comments? Can you do it? For sure! Commentaries of your friends can be looked up in the box at the top of any FB page. There you should type in the name of your friend in the form “comments by ”. It will take you directly to the page where all of your friends’ notes will be displayed.

If you want to quickly find the right commentary that you need between all of them, you can make it more specific by using filters that allow seeking commentaries on certain Facebook pages, in groups, through photos or videos precisely. If you want to save yourself some time, you should definitely use those filters to help yourself out. 

And don’t forget, if you’re willing to promote your page on FB, there is no need to wait for adequate and nice commentaries being written on your page. You can always buy Facebook comments to make your online success closer and quicker and make other people think that your content is actually quite interesting and your profile is worth following, viewing regularly, and commenting on.

Successful account management is surely in the small details, so don’t forget to add paid promo options to the plan — and yes, combining several of them with one another would be the best step to take. 


How to search old Facebook comments?

If you need to look up old FB commentaries and you know approximately when these were written, you can use the search by name and then narrow down your results by filtering them by a certain date or time period. 

How to search gifs on Facebook comments?

If you remember who has written the comment with the GIF, you can use the method with a username and the commentary where the GIF was used will appear in the results. If you suppose that the GIF is popular, you can try looking for it in the comment’s creation section by hand. The chance to find needed GIFs using keywords is pretty big, actually. 

How do you search comments on Facebook live videos?

If the person who is streaming a video has allowed you in their timeline, you’ll be able to find your commentaries and notes of other people there. You’re also able to delete your commentaries from this section as well. 

Can I search Facebook timeline for conversations with specific person in comments?

Yes, the timeline holds all the information about what you have posted and what you have commented on FB. So what you need to do is use the special box at the top of the page that we’ve talked about previously and type in “comments by with ”, if you suppose you know what this commentary’s text is including. 

How do I search Facebook comments by me for keyword?

To look up your own commentaries on FB, enter “comments by ” in the search box at the top of the FB page. There are no other additional keywords needed. 

Is there a way to search a Facebook group for comments by a certain member?

You can use the good old research by username and then narrow your results down to the commentaries in a certain group using the filters that you will see on the page with results. 

Why can’t I search my comments on Facebook?

The only situation when you won’t be able to find your own commentaries on FB is when you don’t have an account there. But you still actually can look up the commentaries of other people! We’ve written how to check the article itself for more information. 

Is there a way to search through a post’s comments to find your friends on Facebook?

Yes, you can use the search by name and then narrow it down to a certain group or page where this post was written. You can also filter commentaries by date and by person, which will save you lots of time on research. 

How to search comments on Facebook post?

To seek commentaries on FB posts use the search by name and then narrow it down to the page or the group where this post was written. It will save you time scrolling through all the possible commentaries that the results will give you. 

How to search tagged comments on Facebook?

Type “comments by with ”. It should help to find the notes with a certain tag to them. Use the tag as the keyword. 

How can you search Facebook comments from Google?

To do so, type “ comments by ”.

Is there a way to search comments on Facebook for a person?

Yes, you should use the good old method with a username. Check the article itself, we have described this method in steps in detail for you!

How do I search for comments on Facebook livest ream?

If the person who is streaming has allowed you in their timeline, you’ll be able to find all the commentaries there. Plus you can find your own commentaries in your own timeline.

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