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Stickers for Facebook comments

Stickers flooded absolutely all social media, including, of course, Facebook. Here they can be used both in personal messages and in comments, which is quite convenient and allows you to quickly express your emotion, and sometimes even replace the whole message with a sticker.

Emoji packs are now created by everyone in a row — IT specialists, influencers, celebrities; they make animated, funny stickers, there are free and paid ones, stickers in honor of movies and games, meme ones and many others.

Literally everyone can choose something to their taste; and Facebook offers a fairly wide selection, so you will definitely be satisfied.

Add emoji in comments - Vip FB

How to add a new pack to your keyboard, if you yet have none or if you have not so many? It is easy: tap on the comment field and find the smiley icon in the lower right corner. Click on it and it will take you to the stickers menu.

In the first place (if you don’t have any added yet), you will see the most popular ones that you can easily add by clicking on the one you like and then selecting the option “add a stickerpack”.

You can basically add as many as you want, there are no limits for it. Although most of the time people prefer using several ones, and they even find their signature ones that people start recognizing them by.

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Are you thinking about using stickers to increase the activity in the comments? Well, this is a good way, but still not as good, fast and effective as just using the chance to buy Facebook comments.

You can really do this — moreover, you will get realistic comments on the topic if you make sure that you buy them from a good company that does not exploit bots, but works with real people for a reward. Yes, there are such companies, but there are not many of them and you will have to look for them a little. However, it will be worth it.


How to use Facebook stickers in comments?

To use them, click on the smiley icon in the lower right corner (attached to the keyboard) and this will take you to the stickers menu. Here you will see either the most popular stickers (if you don’t have any yet), or those that you have already added.

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