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Why can’t I see comments on Facebook

Sometimes the question “why can’t I see certain comments on Facebook anymore?” really messes with people and makes enjoying content online way harder than it previously was.

However, the saddest thing is that most of the time there is no decent explanation to why this could be happening, except for the two options: a) there is something off with the privacy settings b) you have disabled seeing commentaries yourself and now you’re dealing with the consequences.

All the other reasons why some peoples comments may be invisible to you are all about the glitches that FB can have in its system. 

In general, if you cant see comments on an FB post, it might be because the owner has enabled them, therefore nobody can say something about this thing they’ve posted anymore.

If your question is “why can I not see replies to commentaries?”, the main advice would be to restart the app and even your device, plus you can clear the cache; this problem is usually solved by these actions quickly and easily.

The same goes to “what if I cannot see my own commentaries”, and to “why can’t I see commentaries of my friends in a group”. It’s all about the bugs that FB might have; nothing can be changed through settings, as there are no such.

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If you aren’t able to see someone’s commentaries in Facebook live video, it’s probably because you have accidentally set the mode to quiet. It is done by pressing the button near the commentaries field; helps greatly with concentrating on the theme of the live, but later on you might want to set it back to normal. 

If all commentaries aren’t available, it is only about the cache and the glitches. If rebooting didn’t help, try contacting the technical support group.

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By the way, there is another point. Sometimes, for some reason, commentaries are not available for viewing from the mobile version (although we can clearly see the number of comments under the post, but when we open this field, nothing is visible).

And then you can try switching to the desktop version of this social media. This almost always helps to change the situation and finally see the comments!

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However, if you can see the commentaries, but you feel like there are not enough of them, you can turn to help from the third party services and paid promo campaigns. What’s the point if you just use the chance to buy Facebook comments, but they don’t come from real people?

Actually, these should come from real people: if this is a high-quality promotion, you will be able to get quite adequate, full-fledged commentaries written on the topic by real people, not bots.

Everything will directly depend on the company from which you decide to buy such a service: if they do not use bots, everything will be just fine. Do not forget that comments are not everything: add them up with subscribers, likes on posts and other options; then your page will look as natural as possible at the time of promotion.


Why can’t I see my comments on someones Facebook but others can?

This could happen because the owner of the page has restricted your access to its content.

Why can’t I see gif comments on Facebook?

You may not have a plugin installed (or it might be outdated) that allows you to view GIFs and videos.

Why can’t I see comments I’m tagged in on Facebook?

It’s either in the privacy settings, or in the filter by word (it excludes certain commentaries in your feed), which you could have set some time ago.

Why can’t I see comments on Facebook photos?

Most likely, the creator of the photo has set a limit on commentaries, so now no one can leave a note under this publication.

Why can’t I see Facebook comments on public pages?

Possibly, the owner of the page has set a ban on commentaries. Or you should clear the cache, restart the application and try to go to the page again.

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